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Company events

In 1991, Aohua scientist developed the first laser marking machine in some institute of national defensive.

In 1997, developed the first laser punch special-purpose for high-density circuit in one Sino-Japan joint institute. It was adopted by the Japanese company, MECTEK flexible circuit CO., LTD.

In 2002, developed the micro-computer controlled portable laser marking machine.

In 2003, developed a laser spot welding machine with L-C forming network and unique double closed loop precisely controlling technologies with the cooperation of German specialists, which made Aohua become the number one of laser welding industry.

In March, 2006, the academe of Aohua laser come into existence. It developed the fourth generation laser mould welding machine successfully, which is keep ahead in the world and numbers of products export to Japan. Aohua enter into the first class laser welding industry in the world completely.

In November, 2006, Aohua laser academe made technique reformation to laser marking equipment to adopt the request of Japan laser marking market. The technique of laser marking (include software, control system) enter the world advanced range.

In December, 2006, Aohua automatic physic laser marking system come out.

In January, 2007, Aohua surrogate original laser ray fine laser mark system imported from Germany successfully£¬then became the laser mark system with the highest efficiency in the world.

In 2008, AoHua successfully developed Full-automatic Keyboard Welding Machine and Automatic Silicon Steel Sheet Welding Machine.

In 2009, AoHua developed the Cantilevered Laser Mould Welding Machine for large-scale mould.

In 2009, AoHua successfully developed the laser powers of Laser Welding Machine which then applied successfully.

In 2010, AoHua passed ISO9001: 2008 quality standard certification.

In 2010, AoHua passed CE certification for AHL-A2008 Laser Welding Machine.

In 2012, the company successfully launched laser welding machine specially designed for advertising, and also obtained a patent on it, with the patent number: ZL2012 3 0352649.1.


Many technique of our company follow the world step closely and it is imitated by a lot of laser company.

Aohua laser keep technique advantage through long-term development. The laser welding equipment is in the highest flight in the world and became the vane of laser industry in domestic.